Do you provide a warranty?

Absolutely!  Our 5-year workmanship warranty applies to all of our construction projects.  5 years in the unforgiving climate of Missouri is sure to put any building product to the test.  From the hot humid summers to the frigid icy winters, your home will be well protected year-round.  Our workmanship warranty includes a Free warranty inspection once per year for the duration of the workmanship warranty period.  All you have to do is call us at your convenience and we will schedule your annual inspection to give you peace of mind.  Also, if anything looks out of the ordinary, don't hesitate to call at any time and we will make sure everything is as it should be.  If we find anything wrong with the products we will provide guidance to get a claim approved through the manufacturer warranty.

Do you work year-round?  What about exterior painting?

We like to stay busy, even in the coldest days of the year!  Our crews install siding , doors, and windows year-round.  As for the projects that require some painting, we typically only collect the majority of the final payment for a project that requires some painting, and only collect the final amount after the painting is finished during warmer weather.  This way our clients don't feel like they have payed us for something we didn't do.  For example, if we finish an entire siding project in January, but still need to paint some trim, we would only collect a reasonable amount to cover the work that was performed and leave the rest until we are able to finish the painting.

How long does it take to put new siding on my house?

This question can be answered with multiple "ballparks" because of so many factors that we deal with in our industry.  We have found that the average James Hardie or LP siding project is between 2-5 weeks, whereas the average vinyl siding project is between 1-3 weeks.  However, we also deal with weather slow-downs because we work primarily outside, so a 3 week project during a rainy month could easily take 4 weeks.  We do ask that you be patient with us, as we are trying to do our best to stay within deadlines, but without compromising the integrity of our craftsmanship.