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Our Mission

We are a Veteran owned and operated organization with a new mission; to Make Homes Green Again.  A truly Green home is something to be proud of.  A mark of achievement and sustainability.  By cutting out harmful chemicals and wasteful bi-products we are converting homes into sustainable Landmarks.  We envision a future that brings us back to nature without compromising the benefits of our modern lifestyles.  As we move forward we are always on the look-out for new products that leave less of a carbon footprint, and strive to keep up on our knowledge base so that we can stay ahead of the curve to provide the best home remodeling guidance for our clients.  Our three main goals are Sustainability, the Best Quality, and Options.

Who is Shield Construction Division?

Shield Construction Division was founded by Isaac Ovchinikov, with the hope of one day seeing our new approach as being the industry standard.  We are an organization of Craftsmen and Artisans who share a common dream of leaving behind a lasting legacy.  There is a way to enjoy the benefits of a modern lifestyle without having to go back to primitive standards.  Our goal is to show people the way and spread the knowledge.  With our extensive construction backgrounds we are in a position to create real change that helps our environment, while providing much needed services for our clients.  We all are stewards of this Earth that we live on, so it is our Duty to make sure we leave it in a healthy state for our children and grandchildren.

On a Boat

Isaac Ovchinikov


Isaac is a US Army Veteran who was Honorably Discharged in 2012.  He has been in the construction industry his entire life, and has devoted himself to providing the best quality craftsmanship.  After many years of being in the construction world, Isaac pursued his vision of creating sustainable living environments for our future communities, in which we can still enjoy the comforts of a modern lifestyle, but without destroying our ecosystems.

“The one thing that almost everyone can agree on is that we need to focus on sustainability in order to be able to leave behind a lasting legacy for our children and future generations.  As more and more studies are finding out all of the harmful effects that the mainstream chemicals and un-sustainable practices are causing, there is a demand for better and safer products and services.  This revolution of entire industries needs Leaders to step up and show the way toward a Greener future.”  

~Isaac O.